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Learning Japanese Motorcycle Vocabulary with Bakuon!!

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast who wants to learn Japanese? Look no further than the anime series Bakuon!! This fun and informative show is not only entertaining but also a great way to pick up some new vocabulary related to motorcycles and riding. In this article, we’ll explore some of the key terms and phrases used in the show and provide clear explanations and examples to help you understand and use them in context.


If you’re a fan of motorcycles and anime, then Bakuon!! is the perfect show for you. This hilarious series follows a group of high school girls who are passionate about motorcycles and the adventures they have on their bikes. But it’s not just a fun show to watch – it’s also a great way to learn some new Japanese vocabulary related to motorcycles and riding.

Getting Started

Before we dive into the vocabulary, let’s start with some basic Japanese phrases that you’ll need to know when talking about motorcycles.

Basic Phrases

– 乗り物 (Norimono) – Vehicle
– バイク (Baiku) – Motorcycle
– ヘルメット (Herumetto) – Helmet
– ジャケット (Jaketto) – Jacket
– ブーツ (Buutsu) – Boots
– グローブ (Guroobu) – Gloves

Motorcycle Parts

Now that we have the basics covered, let’s move on to some of the key parts of a motorcycle.

Engine Parts

– エンジン (Enjin) – Engine
– キャブレター (Kyaburetaa) – Carburetor
– クランクケース (Kuranku keesu) – Crankcase
– シリンダー (Shirindaa) – Cylinder
– ピストン (Pisuton) – Piston
– クランクシャフト (Kuranku shafuto) – Crankshaft

Body Parts

– フレーム (Fureemu) – Frame
– タンク (Tanku) – Tank
– シート (Shiito) – Seat
– フェンダー (Fendaa) – Fender
– ヘッドライト (Heddoraito) – Headlight
– テールライト (Teeruraito) – Taillight

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Riding Terms

Now that we know some of the key parts of a motorcycle, let’s move on to some of the terms used when riding.

Riding Positions

– スポーツライディング (Supootsu raidingu) – Sport riding
– ツーリング (Tsuuringu) – Touring
– クルージング (Kuruujingu) – Cruising
– スクーター (Sukuutaa) – Scooter
– モタード (Motaa do) – Motard

Riding Actions

– アクセル (Akuseru) – Accelerator
– ブレーキ (Bureeki) – Brake
– クラッチ (Kuracchi) – Clutch
– シフトアップ (Shifuto appu) – Shift up
– シフトダウン (Shifuto daun) – Shift down

Vocabulary Lists

To help you practice using these new words and phrases, here are some vocabulary lists related to the topic of motorcycles and riding.

Vocabulary List 1: Motorcycle Parts

1. エンジン (Enjin) – Engine
2. キャブレター (Kyaburetaa) – Carburetor
3. クランクケース (Kuranku keesu) – Crankcase
4. シリンダー (Shirindaa) – Cylinder
5. ピストン (Pisuton) – Piston

Vocabulary List 2: Riding Terms

1. スポーツライディング (Supootsu raidingu) – Sport riding
2. ツーリング (Tsuuringu) – Touring
3. クルージング (Kuruujingu) – Cruising
4. アクセル (Akuseru) – Accelerator
5. ブレーキ (Bureeki) – Brake


Learning Japanese motorcycle vocabulary doesn’t have to be boring. With Bakuon!!, you can have fun while picking up some new words and phrases related to motorcycles and riding. So why not give it a try and see how much you can learn? And who knows, maybe you’ll even be inspired to take up riding yourself!


1. What is Bakuon!!?
2. What are some basic Japanese phrases related to motorcycles?
3. What are some key parts of a motorcycle?
4. What are some riding positions?
5. What are some riding actions?

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1. Bakuon!! is an anime series about high school girls who are passionate about motorcycles.
2. Some basic Japanese phrases related to motorcycles include Norimono (vehicle), Baiku (motorcycle), Herumetto (helmet), Jaketto (jacket), Buutsu (boots), and Guroobu (gloves).
3. Some key parts of a motorcycle include the engine, carburetor, crankcase, cylinder, piston, frame, tank, seat, fender, headlight, and taillight.
4. Some riding positions include sport riding, touring, cruising, scooter, and motard.
5. Some riding actions include accelerator, brake, clutch, shift up, and shift down.Learning Japanese Motorcycle Vocabulary with Bakuon!!